Version 7.7 Release Notes June 14, 2024

Company Stores

Organization Level

Products > Edit Products

  • Addressed a problem where default images and product thumbnails wouldn't refresh without the user clearing the cache. Now, following the resolution, images and thumbnails update immediately.

Orders > Order Fulfillment

  • An issue where the Admin received a 'Fail' error message popup upon updating a line item to any status other than 'Partial' or 'Fulfilled' has been resolved. Status updates now apply as expected following the fix.

Store Level

Design > Pages

  • An issue where the product categories displayed in the storefront's header bar did not align with those set in the design process has been resolved. Now, the product categories on the storefront accurately reflect the settings in the design. For more information on setting up or modifying product categories, refer to Design > Pages.
    mceclip7.png Please note that to implement changes to product categories, you must re-save the design by clicking the "Update Store" button.

Products > Product Categories

  • An issue preventing the deletion of subcategories has been resolved. Subcategories can now be deleted as intended. Product subcategories are configured under Store Level > Products > Product Categories.

Reports > Users

  • An issue where the User Details Report failed to list all current users has been resolved. Following the correction, the report accurately reflects all current users. 


  • Corrected the Storefront's Terms of Service link to ensure users are redirected to the appropriate page for client terms and conditions, rather than encountering a blank page.


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