Company Stores and Popup Release Notes

Company and Popup Stores Current Release: 6.0 December 1, 2023

Company Stores Now Includes ShipStation Integration

ShipStation helps distributors get the best shipping rates, print labels faster, and send clients updates on their shipment status.​

The Commercio Company Stores + ShipStation Integration syncs order and shipping information between the two systems, so your internal teams and clients can access the info they need at a glance. ​

  • ​Ship quicker without manual data entry​
  • Access the best shipping rates from top carriers​
  • Give shipment visibility to clients and employees​

Important items to note for ShipStation Integration (these are also highlighted in the 4 step integration instructions).

  • Follow the four steps provided in the ShipStation Integration How To article as they provide the correct order of functions to get the integration up and running.
  • Make sure to verify the shipping address in ShipStation and Company Stores match or your orders will not sync.
  • Company Stores requires enabling ShipStation at the Organization Level and at the Store Level. Once ShipStation is enabled at the Store level, it will remain enabled even if ShipStation is disabled at the Organization Leel This is to allow open orders to complete. If you want to disable ShipStation entirely, make sure to disable it at both levels.
  • Data Exchange Between Company Stores and ShipStation 

Company Stores > Organization Level > Organization Settings > ShipStation Integration

  • Added a new instructional article to the Knowledge Base to provide instructions for ShipStation Integration.

Company Stores > Organization Level > Orders > Order Fulfillment

  • Updated to include ShipStation features.
  • Corrected a defect in which when a user would receive an undefined error message when using a valid promo code or gift certificate at checkout. After the fix, checkout proceeds as expected when valid promo codes or gift certificates are applied to an order.

Company Stores > Store Level > Settings > Shipping Settings

  • Updated to include ShipStation features.

Company Stores > Store Level > Payment Methods > Promo Codes

  • Corrected a defect in which promo codes were not appearing at checkout. After the fix, promo codes appear as expected during the checkout process.

Pop Up Stores Shipping Details

  • Corrected a defect in which the confirmation email sent to customers after checkout would reflect the pickup address instead of the Ship to Me address selected during their checkout process. After the fix, the correct address is shown on the confirmation email.

Knowledge Base Updates

How Tos > ShipStation Integration

Org Level > Org Settings > ShipStation Integration

Org Level > Orders > Order Fulfillment

Store Level > Settings > Shipping Settings



Prior Release Notes

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