ShipStation Integration

ShipStation provides an easy way for eCommerce retailers to coordinate with carriers. If you do not already have a ShipStation account, visit the ShipStation Help Center to get started.

Follow the steps below to integrate your ShipStation account with your Company Stores account, so you can start syncing your orders right away.


Sync Company Stores with ShipStation

ShipStation integration is a four-step process:

  1. At the Organization level, select Organization Settings > ShipStation Integration, and then click Enable.

  2. At the Store level, select Settings > Shipping Settings, and then click Enable. Note that ShipStation can only be enabled at the Store level if it is enabled at the Organization level.

    1. Copy the API Key that is generated for the store. You will use it in Step 3 to link the store to ShipStation.
    2. Enter the number immediately prior to the number you want to use to start synching orders. To determine the current order number, go to Organization Level > Orders > Order Fulfillment and filter on the store.
    3. Add the ship from address. Important you will also need to enter this address in your ShipStation account in Step 4. If you do not complete this step, your orders will not sync.
  3. Step 3: Go to your ShipStation account Welcome page and click Add a store to open the Connect a Marketplace page.
    1. Click on Commercio from the list of vendors to open the Set Up Marketplace Connection page.
    2. Paste or enter your API Key.
    3. Click Connect.
      mceclip4.pngAfter the store connects, a list of all connected stores for the organization will display.
  4. Step 4 is to verify that your Ship from address is the same in both systems.
    1. From the Welcome to ShipStation page, click on the settings button (Gear-icon.png).
    2. Select Shipping > Ship From Locations on the page that displays.

    3. Add the same Ship From address that you used in Company Stores.

For more information about customizing your ShipStation integration visit the ShipStation Help Center

Once you have ShipStation enabled and connected, Company Stores will start syncing your orders with ShipStation.

You can verify that orders are syncing by viewing shipping information on the order details page (Org Level > Orders > Order Fulfillment > Edit ()).

mceclip4.pngOnce ShipStation is enabled at the Store level, it will remain enabled, even if ShipStation is disabled at the Organization level This is to allow open orders to complete in the event you decide to stop using ShipStation. If you want to disable ShipStation entirely, make sure to disable it at both levels.

How ShipStation works with Company Stores

See Data Exchange Between Company Stores and ShipStation in this article for technical details.

Data Exchange between Company Stores and ShipStation

image.png The data that is exchanged between ShipStation and Company Stores will evolve. Changes will be highlighted in Release Notes as they are implemented, and you can check back here any time for current data exchange information.

Receiving from ShipStation:

  • Insurance Cost
  • Fulfillment Cost (Fee)
  • Customer Note 
  • Internal Note from ShipStation if added to the order

Fields related to Shipping (may be populated by ShipStation and/or can be added manually)

  • Shipment DateTime - ShipStation and/or manually
  • Carrier - ShipStation and/or manually
  • Tracking Number - ShipStation and/or manually
  • Customer Note - must be entered manually
  • Internal Note - must be entered manually

ShipStation and Company Stores Status Mapping

When orders go over the ShipStation they are grouped under the appropriate status on the Orders Dashboard.

Company Stores Order Status ShipStation Order Status
Pending Approval Awaiting Payment
Pending Payment Awaiting Payment
In Progress Awaiting Shipment
Declined Cancelled
Cancelled Cancelled
Fulfilled Completed
Backorder On Hold
N/A Pending Fulfillment

ShipStation Integration FAQs and Troubleshooting

I have enabled ShipStation at the Organization and Store level, but my order are not syncing.

Make sure you have entered your "ship from" address in Company StoresStores and in your ShipStation account.

I have disabled ShipStation at the Organization level, but orders are still syncing.

Once a ShipStation is enabled at the Store level in Company Stores, it will remain enabled, even if ShipStation is disabled at the Organization level.  This is to allow open orders to complete in the event you decide to stop using ShipStation. If you want to disable ShipStation entirely, make sure to disable it in both places.

Whay are my latest orders not appearing in ShipStation?

ShipStation does not receive order information in real-time from your connected Company Stores. ShipStation only imports your orders at periodic intervals. To get your latest orders, you need to manually initiate order imports.

Why are my older orders missing in ShipStation?

Most new store connections in ShipStation will only import orders that were created or modified within the last 2 weeks, and subsequent store imports will pull in orders created or modified since the last successful import action. Older orders may not be sent to ShipStation by default. If you need to import older orders, such as pre-orders or backorders, contact ShipStation's User Success team to review your options.

Why is the Order Date in ShipStation different than the Order Date in CoStores?

This could be because your Company Strore is using a different timezone than the timezone set in the store's settings in ShipStation, which causes the Order Date to be miscalculated when converting the timestamp based on time zone. To resolve this issue, update the store's settings so that it is using the same timezone as your CoStore.


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